Zuxxy & Luxxy Return: Bigetron Reunion

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Zuxxy and Luxxy Return to Bigetron Esports: A Reunion of Legends


In a thrilling announcement that sent shockwaves through the PUBG Mobile community, the dynamic duo of Zuxxy and Luxxy have made their triumphant return to Bigetron Esports. After a stint with Persija Evos, the seasoned veterans are reuniting with their former team just in time for the highly anticipated PMSL 2024 SEA Spring. This article delves into the significance of their return, their storied careers, and the potential impact on Bigetron Esports' future.

Image of Zuxxy and Luxxy returning to Bigetron Esports for PMSL 2024 SEA Spring.
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The Reunion of Legends:

Zuxxy and Luxxy, affectionately known as the "Twin Duo," have long been revered as icons in the PUBG Mobile scene. Their journey with Bigetron Esports began in 2018, where they forged a legacy of dominance over five illustrious years. However, a temporary departure led them to Persija Evos in 2023, marking a chapter of exploration and growth.

Now, with their return to Bigetron Esports, fans are ecstatic to witness the reunion of these two formidable talents. The timing couldn't be more perfect, as the team prepares to embark on the competitive battleground of PMSL 2024 SEA Spring.

Bigetron Esports' Lineup for 2024:

The addition of Zuxxy and Luxxy to the Bigetron Esports roster injects new energy and excitement into the team. Alongside existing stalwarts like Star, GenFos, and Lapar, the duo completes a formidable lineup poised for success in the upcoming season.

- Star (Alan Raynold Kumaseh)
- GenFos (Genta Effendi)
- Lapar (T Muhammad Septiadi Ardiansyah)
- Luxxy (Made Bagus Prabaswara)
- Zuxxy (Made Bagas Pramudita)

With their wealth of experience and strategic prowess, Zuxxy and Luxxy are expected to play pivotal roles in guiding Bigetron Esports to victory.

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Warm Welcome Back to Bigetron Esports:

The announcement of Zuxxy and Luxxy's return was met with jubilation from fans and teammates alike. Bigetron Esports took to social media to express their excitement, welcoming the duo with open arms and heartfelt messages of appreciation.

"WELCOME HOME ZUXXY & LUXXY. Houses always have a strong magical power for those who have long felt the warmth inside. After more than a year of venturing, Zuxxy and Luxxy finally chose Bigetron Esports to be their home again. Troopers, give the grandest welcome for the return of the Twin Duo to Bigetron Esports."

Reflecting on Their Journey:

While Zuxxy and Luxxy enjoyed a successful tenure with Persija Evos, their hearts remained tethered to Bigetron Esports. Their departure from the team in 2023 marked a period of growth and exploration, but ultimately, the allure of returning home proved irresistible.

Their time with Persija Evos saw moments of triumph, notably dominating the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2023 Fall. However, their thirst for international success remained unquenched, motivating their return to Bigetron Esports in pursuit of greater glory.

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Impact on Bigetron Esports' Future:

The reunion of Zuxxy and Luxxy with Bigetron Esports heralds a new chapter of potential and promise. While the team faced challenges in 2023, including disappointing finishes in various tournaments, the addition of the Twin Duo revitalizes their competitive spirit.

With renewed vigor and a formidable lineup, Bigetron Esports aims to reclaim their status as champions on the global stage. The upcoming PMSL 2024 SEA Spring serves as the perfect opportunity for the team to showcase their strength and forge a path to victory.


The return of Zuxxy and Luxxy to Bigetron Esports marks a momentous occasion in the world of PUBG Mobile esports. As two of the game's most revered veterans reunite with their former team, anticipation reaches fever pitch for the upcoming season. With a talented lineup and unwavering determination, Bigetron Esports stands poised to conquer new heights of success in PMSL 2024 SEA Spring and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who are Zuxxy and Luxxy?

- Zuxxy and Luxxy are renowned PUBG Mobile veterans and twins, known for their exceptional skills and strategic prowess in the competitive gaming scene.

2. Which teams have Zuxxy and Luxxy played for?

- Zuxxy and Luxxy began their esports careers with Bigetron Esports in 2018 before joining Persija Evos in 2023. They have now returned to Bigetron Esports ahead of PMSL 2024 SEA Spring.

3. When is PMSL 2024 SEA Spring taking place?

- PMSL 2024 SEA Spring is scheduled to begin on February 21, 2024, and promises to be an exciting competition for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

4. What impact will Zuxxy and Luxxy's return have on Bigetron Esports?

- The return of Zuxxy and Luxxy to Bigetron Esports brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team. Their presence is expected to bolster Bigetron Esports' competitive performance and enhance their chances of success in upcoming tournaments.

5. How can fans follow Bigetron Esports and stay updated on their progress?

- Fans can follow Bigetron Esports on their official social media channels for the latest news, updates, and announcements regarding the team's activities, matches, and achievements.

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6. What are the expectations for Bigetron Esports in PMSL 2024 SEA Spring?

- With the addition of Zuxxy and Luxxy to their lineup, Bigetron Esports aims to make a strong impact in PMSL 2024 SEA Spring and compete for the championship title. Their reunion with the team has generated excitement and anticipation among fans and players alike.

7. Are there any other notable changes to Bigetron Esports' lineup for the 2024 season?

- Alongside the return of Zuxxy and Luxxy, Bigetron Esports has announced their lineup for the 2024 season, which includes other talented players like Star, GenFos, and Lapar. This lineup represents a formidable force in the competitive PUBG Mobile scene and is poised to achieve great success in the upcoming season.

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