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Unraveling the Powerhouses: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Characters in Unicorn Overlord


Unicorn Overlord, a captivating and strategic game, presents players with a diverse array of characters early on. This variety can be overwhelming, leading players to wonder which characters are truly worth investing in. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the top characters in Unicorn Overlord, exploring their strengths, abilities, and strategic value. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player seeking to optimize your team composition, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to dominate the battlefield.

Various characters from Unicorn Overlord, showcasing diverse abilities and roles in gameplay.
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1. Kitra:

Kitra, though not a frontliner, excels in dealing substantial damage from the backline. Her prowess lies in punishing armored enemies and demolishing barricades with ease. While Warriors in general possess advantageous traits, Kitra's standout feature is her superior speed and commendable physical attack. These attributes make her a valuable addition to any unit, contributing significantly to offensive strategies.

2. Aubin:

Aubin emerges as a powerhouse capable of delivering devastating blows, swiftly becoming the hardest-hitting character in your army. As a Housecarl, his Parting Shot ability allows him to strike a second time at the conclusion of an engagement, making him a formidable force when paired with allies capable of inflicting chip damage. Aubin's potential to finish off enemies efficiently makes him a top contender for inclusion in your unit.

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3. Clive:

Cavalry units like Clive reign supreme in Unicorn Overlord, boasting shortened rest times, increased mobility, and a natural advantage against Infantry units, which comprise a significant portion of the game's enemy roster. Clive's Wild Rush skill further enhances his combat prowess, making him a versatile and formidable asset, especially in engagements against groups of enemies.

4. Chloe:

Chloe brings a unique blend of offensive and supportive capabilities to the battlefield as a Soldier. Her ability to attack and heal simultaneously makes her a versatile ally, capable of adapting to various combat scenarios. Additionally, her spear's ability to pierce through columns and hit multiple targets simultaneously adds strategic depth to her utility, making her a valuable asset in both offensive and defensive strategies.

5. Holdrick:

Holdrick's utility as a frontliner cannot be overstated, thanks to his Guard skill, which provides cover and reduces damage for squishier allies. While he may not excel in dealing damage independently, his ability to mitigate incoming damage and protect vulnerable teammates makes him an invaluable asset in any unit composition.

6. Adel:

Similar to Clive, Adel shines as a Cavalry Unit, benefiting from enhanced mobility and a strategic advantage against Infantry units. What sets Adel apart is his superior Growth Types, boasting Offensive and Go-Getter traits that empower him with both power and speed. This combination makes Adel a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, capable of swiftly cutting down enemy Infantry units with ease.

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7. Berenice:

Berenice stands out as a Sellsword with a naturally high Attack stat and the ability to utilize Following Attacks effectively. This unique skill allows her to retaliate whenever an ally is hit, enabling her to dish out consistent damage and pressure enemies relentlessly. Berenice's offensive capabilities and synergy with team dynamics make her a valuable asset in any combat scenario.

8. Alain:

As the main character of Unicorn Overlord, Alain brings a blend of power and versatility to the battlefield. His skills, such as Lean Edge for self-healing and Medium Guard for defense, allow him to excel as a frontliner. When paired with a healer, Alain becomes a formidable force capable of sustaining prolonged engagements and leading the charge against enemy forces.

9. Travis:

Travis's unique Evade ability makes him a challenging adversary to face, especially in the early stages of the game. With the ability to evade attacks twice and a poison attack at level 10, Travis becomes a persistent and elusive threat, frustrating opponents and disrupting enemy strategies effectively.

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10. Fran:

Flying characters like Fran introduce a new dimension to combat in Unicorn Overlord. With their inherent advantage against Infantry units and the ability to traverse terrain seamlessly, Flyers like Fran excel in scouting and taking out key Garrison Points. Additionally, Fran's Wing Heal ability adds survivability to her toolkit, making her an indispensable asset for strategic maneuvers and offensive assaults.


In the dynamic world of Unicorn Overlord, selecting the right characters can make all the difference between victory and defeat. The characters outlined in this guide represent the cream of the crop, offering unique abilities, strategic value, and synergies that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. By understanding their strengths and leveraging their skills effectively, you can build a formidable team capable of overcoming any challenge and asserting dominance on the battlefield.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the best characters in Unicorn Overlord:

1. What factors determine the ranking of characters in Unicorn Overlord?

The ranking of characters in Unicorn Overlord is based on a combination of their individual abilities, combat prowess, strategic value, and synergy within team compositions. Factors such as damage output, survivability, utility skills, and growth potential contribute to their ranking.

2. Are the best characters in Unicorn Overlord suitable for all types of gameplay styles?

Yes, the best characters in Unicorn Overlord are versatile and can adapt to various gameplay styles. Whether you prefer offensive strategies, defensive tactics, or a balanced approach, these characters offer flexibility and effectiveness across different playstyles.

3. How should players prioritize investing in the best characters?

Players should prioritize investing in the best characters based on their team composition and strategic goals. Consider factors such as role diversity, synergy with other characters, and the specific challenges you face in the game when deciding where to allocate resources and upgrades.

4. Can lower-ranked characters still be viable in Unicorn Overlord?

While the top-ranked characters offer significant advantages, lower-ranked characters can still be viable depending on your playstyle and team synergy. Experimenting with different character combinations and strategies can uncover hidden strengths and make seemingly lower-ranked characters effective in certain scenarios.

5. What role do growth types and abilities play in determining a character's effectiveness?

Growth types and abilities play a crucial role in a character's effectiveness in Unicorn Overlord. Characters with growth types that align with their preferred playstyle, such as offensive, defensive, or supportive growth types, can excel in their respective roles. Additionally, unique abilities and skills contribute to a character's utility and impact on the battlefield.

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6. How can players optimize the performance of the best characters in Unicorn Overlord?

Players can optimize the performance of the best characters by strategically allocating skill points, upgrading equipment, utilizing team synergies, and adapting their strategies based on enemy encounters. Experimentation and adaptation are key to unlocking the full potential of top-tier characters in the game.

7. Are there any upcoming updates or changes that might affect the ranking of characters in Unicorn Overlord?

Stay tuned to official announcements and updates from the game developers for information on any upcoming changes, balance adjustments, or new character additions that may impact the ranking of characters in Unicorn Overlord. Keeping abreast of such updates can help players make informed decisions about character investments and gameplay strategies.

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