Master Armorers in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Where to Find the Master Armorers

In the vast and immersive world of The Witcher 3, acquiring the best gear is crucial for surviving the dangers that lurk around every corner. While some armor pieces can be looted or purchased, the most powerful sets are often crafted by master armorers. These skilled craftsmen possess the knowledge and expertise to forge gear that offers unparalleled protection and bonuses, making them sought-after allies for Geralt of Rivia on his journey.

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Importance of Master Armorers

As players progress through The Witcher 3, they will encounter various armor sets with different stats, resistances, and bonuses. While some of these sets may suffice for a while, the need for superior gear becomes apparent as tougher challenges and enemies emerge. This is where master armorers come into play. These NPCs have the ability to craft master-level gear, which not only provides superior protection but also comes with unique bonuses and enhancements.

Crafting master-level gear is not a task for ordinary blacksmiths. It requires specialized knowledge, rare materials, and advanced crafting techniques. Master armorers are skilled craftsmen who have honed their craft over years of experience, making them invaluable allies for Geralt as he faces increasingly formidable foes.

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Locations of Master Armorers

In The Witcher 3, there are four master armorers scattered across the game world, each offering their unique services and crafting capabilities. Let’s explore the locations of these master armorers and how players can unlock their services.

1. Yoana – Crow’s Perch (Base Game)

One of the first master armorers players can encounter is Yoana, who resides in Crow’s Perch. To access Yoana’s services, players must first speak to Fergus Graem, a famed dwarf blacksmith in the same location. Fergus initially doubts the feasibility of crafting certain armor sets, but Yoana, his assistant, believes otherwise.

The quest “Master Armorer” is triggered when players express their interest in crafting master-level gear to Yoana. Completing this quest unlocks Yoana’s master-level talents, allowing players to craft powerful armor sets with unique attributes.

2. Runeswright – Upper Mill (Hearts of Stone DLC)

In the Hearts of Stone expansion, players gain access to a new type of craftsman known as the Runeswright. This NPC specializes in crafting enhancements for gear and can also create master-level armor and weapons. However, players must first pay for his upgrades and complete a short fetch quest to earn his services.

The Runeswright can be found in the northeastern corner of the Velen/Novigrad map, near the Upper Mill. While his services come at a higher cost, the enhancements and gear he provides are well worth the investment for players seeking the best equipment.

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3. Unnamed Master Armorer – Beauclair (Blood and Wine DLC)

As part of the Blood and Wine expansion, players can encounter an unnamed master armorer in Beauclair. While this NPC lacks a distinct identity or backstory, he possesses the ability to craft master-level gear, making him a valuable asset for players exploring the new region of Toussaint.

The store of the unnamed master armorer is easily recognizable by its bright blue appearance, located near the Nilfgaard Embassy signpost in Beauclair. Players interested in obtaining the most powerful gear available in the expansion will need to seek out this mysterious craftsman.

4. Lazare Lafargue – Beauclair (Blood and Wine DLC)

For players who have delved into the Blood and Wine expansion, the highest level of armor, known as Grandmaster gear, becomes accessible. Lazare Lafargue is the only craftsman capable of crafting these elite armor sets, offering unparalleled protection and bonuses for those willing to seek them out.

Lazare Lafargue can be found in Beauclair, situated between The Gran Place and Metinna Gate. While players do not need to complete a specific quest to access his talents, acquiring the diagrams required for Grandmaster gear presents its own challenges and adventures.


Master armorers play a vital role in The Witcher 3, providing players with the means to craft powerful and unique gear essential for overcoming formidable challenges. From Yoana’s expertise in Crow’s Perch to the unnamed master armorer’s mysterious presence in Beauclair, each NPC offers distinct crafting capabilities and services that enhance the player’s experience.

As players embark on their journey through The Witcher 3’s rich and immersive world, the quest to locate and unlock the services of master armorers becomes a rewarding and essential aspect of character progression. With master-level gear at their disposal, players can face the dangers of the Continent with confidence, knowing they are equipped with the best equipment available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Master Armorers in The Witcher 3

1. What is a master armorer in The Witcher 3?

– A master armorer in The Witcher 3 is an NPC with advanced crafting skills capable of crafting master-level gear, providing superior protection and unique bonuses for the player’s character.

2. How many master armorers are there in The Witcher 3?

– There are four master armorers in The Witcher 3: Yoana in Crow’s Perch (base game), the Runeswright in the Hearts of Stone DLC, an unnamed master armorer in Beauclair (Blood and Wine DLC), and Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair (Blood and Wine DLC).

3. Where can I find Yoana, the master armorer in the base game?

– Yoana, the master armorer in the base game, can be found in Crow’s Perch. Players must first speak to Fergus Graem, a dwarf blacksmith in Crow’s Perch, to trigger the quest “Master Armorer” and unlock Yoana’s services.

4. How do I access the Runeswright in The Witcher 3?

– The Runeswright, introduced in the Hearts of Stone DLC, is located near the Upper Mill in the northeastern corner of the Velen/Novigrad map. Players must pay for his upgrades and complete a short fetch quest to access his master-level crafting services.

5. Where is the unnamed master armorer in Beauclair?

– The unnamed master armorer in Beauclair, featured in the Blood and Wine DLC, can be found near the Nilfgaard Embassy signpost. His store stands out with its bright blue appearance, offering players access to powerful master-level gear.

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6. Who is Lazare Lafargue, and where can I find him in Blood and Wine?

– Lazare Lafargue is a craftsman specializing in Grandmaster gear, the highest level of armor in The Witcher 3, available in the Blood and Wine DLC. Players can locate him in Beauclair, between The Gran Place and Metinna Gate, to access elite crafting services.

7. What benefits do master armorers offer in The Witcher 3?

– Master armorers in The Witcher 3 provide players with the ability to craft master-level gear, which offers superior protection, unique bonuses, and enhanced stats compared to standard armor sets found or purchased in the game.

8. Are there any prerequisites or quests required to access master armorers’ services?

– To access master armorers’ services, players may need to complete specific quests or meet certain criteria. For example, unlocking Yoana’s services requires initiating the “Master Armorer” quest by speaking to Fergus Graem in Crow’s Perch.

9. Can master armorers in The Witcher 3 craft weapons as well as armor?

– While master armorers primarily specialize in crafting armor, some may also offer weapon crafting services or enhancements. Players should inquire with each master armorer to explore their full range of crafting capabilities.

10. Is it worth seeking out master armorers in The Witcher 3?

– Yes, seeking out master armorers in The Witcher 3 is highly beneficial as they provide access to powerful gear with unique attributes and bonuses. Master-level armor sets offer significant advantages in combat and character progression, making them essential for players seeking to optimize their gameplay experience.

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