Witcher 3: Level Up Fast Guide

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The Witcher 3: Expert Tips for Fast Leveling

In The Witcher 3, various methods can boost experience outside of combat, such as Gwent and horse racing. Geralt's journey starts in Kaer Morhen, but he must continually improve to face the challenges ahead.

There are numerous ways to earn experience besides fighting, including Gwent matches, horse racing, and fistfights. However, Witchers have limited leisure time, so they must focus on sharpening skills and gaining experience to progress.

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Updated on May 23, 2022, by Kim Dailey: Witchers are always adapting, and we've refined our recommendations with additional strategies from recent playthroughs.

Starting Tips - Exploration and Question Marks

White Orchard Exploration

Utilize Witcher senses, complete quests, and uncover question marks in White Orchard. Six Places of Power near the village grant extra skill points, preparing Witchers for challenges in Velen and Novigrad.

Thorough Exploration

Extend exploration habits from White Orchard to uncover more question marks, eliminate monster nests, and clear bandit camps. Regularly check the World Map for new points of interest.

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Preparation Is Key

Maintain Proper Gear

Updated equipment enhances Geralt's capabilities and allows him to face tougher opponents for increased experience. Complete sets of Witcher gear offer additional bonuses and improve combat effectiveness.

Optimize Roach

Equip Roach with top-quality gear like saddlebags and saddles for increased efficiency and speed. Attach trophies for bonuses; for example, "Devil by the Well" trophy grants a 5% bonus experience.

On-The-Job Training

Complete Witcher Contracts

Accept Witcher Contracts from notice boards matching Geralt's level range for significant experience gains and payment.

Liberate Areas

Liberating oppressed areas yields substantial experience and access to vendors. Investigate undiscovered locations for hidden opportunities.

Enemy Upscaling

Toggle enemy upscaling for tougher challenges and increased experience. Return to lower-level areas for completionist tasks and additional experience points.

Leisure and Improvement

Engage in Extra Activities

Participate in horse races and fistfights for XP and to maintain combat prowess. Join Gwent matches tied to quests for extra experience.

Skillful Witchers constantly adapt and train, ensuring readiness for daunting tasks. Diligent practice and exploration lead to mastery and success in The Witcher 3's perilous world.

Witchers like Geralt of Rivia are not just skilled fighters but also strategic thinkers and adaptive learners. In the vast and dangerous world of The Witcher 3, leveling up quickly is essential to survive and thrive. Here are some expert tips and strategies to help you level up fast in The Witcher 3:
1. Explore White Orchard Fully: White Orchard is the starting area in The Witcher 3 and is filled with opportunities to gain experience. Use Geralt's Witcher senses to uncover hidden treasures, complete side quests, and find Places of Power. Each Place of Power grants an additional skill point, which is invaluable for leveling up quickly.

2. Clear Monster Nests and Bandit Camps: As you explore White Orchard and other areas, you'll come across monster nests and bandit camps. Clearing these locations not only earns you experience points but also improves the safety of the region for other travelers.

3. Upgrade Geralt's Gear: Gear plays a crucial role in Geralt's effectiveness in combat. Make sure to regularly upgrade Geralt's weapons, armor, and potions to be prepared for tougher challenges and earn more experience from battles.

4. Complete Witcher Contracts: Witcher Contracts are lucrative quests that involve hunting down and eliminating dangerous monsters. These contracts often offer substantial experience rewards and are a great way to level up quickly.

5. Participate in Gwent Matches: Gwent is a popular card game in The Witcher 3, and participating in Gwent matches can earn you experience points. Some quests even require you to play Gwent against specific opponents, so it's worth honing your Gwent skills for extra experience.

6. Master Combat Techniques: Geralt's combat abilities are essential for surviving encounters with monsters and enemies. Practice dodging, parrying, and using Signs effectively to maximize your combat effectiveness and earn more experience from battles.

7. Invest Points in Useful Skills: As Geralt levels up, invest skill points in abilities that suit your playstyle and enhance your combat prowess. Choose skills that increase damage, improve signs, or provide utility in exploration and questing.

8. Use Enemy Upscaling: The Witcher 3 offers an enemy upscaling option that adjusts the difficulty of lower-level enemies to match Geralt's level. This can be a useful tool for earning more experience from battles and exploring lower-level areas without feeling overpowered.

By following these expert tips and strategies, you can level up quickly in The Witcher 3 and become a formidable Witcher capable of facing any challenge the world throws at you.

Here are some FAQs related to leveling up fast in The Witcher 3:

1. How important is exploration for leveling up in The Witcher 3?

Exploration is crucial for leveling up quickly in The Witcher 3. It allows you to discover hidden treasures, complete side quests, find Places of Power, and clear monster nests and bandit camps, all of which contribute to earning experience points.

2. What are Places of Power, and why are they important for leveling up?

Places of Power are special locations scattered throughout the game world that grant additional skill points when interacted with. Visiting and activating Places of Power is essential for gaining extra abilities and leveling up Geralt more efficiently.

3. Should I focus on Witcher Contracts or main quests for leveling up?

Both Witcher Contracts and main quests offer significant experience rewards. It's recommended to balance between the two, as Witcher Contracts provide valuable experience and loot, while main quests progress the game's storyline and unlock new areas.

4. How can I improve Geralt's combat effectiveness for faster leveling?

Upgrading Geralt's gear, mastering combat techniques like dodging and parrying, investing skill points in combat-related abilities, and using signs effectively are all ways to enhance Geralt's combat prowess and earn more experience from battles.

5. Is participating in Gwent matches important for leveling up?

While participating in Gwent matches can earn you experience points, it's not essential for leveling up quickly. However, some quests and achievements in the game may require you to play Gwent against specific opponents, so it's beneficial to be proficient in the game.

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6. What is enemy upscaling, and how does it affect leveling up?

Enemy upscaling is an option in The Witcher 3 that adjusts the difficulty of lower-level enemies to match Geralt's level. This feature can be toggled on to increase the challenge and experience gained from battles, especially when revisiting lower-level areas for additional quests and exploration.

7. Are there any other tips for leveling up fast in The Witcher 3?

Some additional tips include completing secondary quests, exploring undiscovered locations marked as question marks on the map, utilizing alchemy and crafting to enhance Geralt's abilities, and staying engaged in the game's rich narrative to unlock new quests and opportunities for experience gain.

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