The Witcher 3: Wolf School Gear Guide

Finding All Wolf School Diagrams in The Witcher 3: A Comprehensive Guide


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is renowned for its intricate world, compelling narrative, and vast array of equipment, including the iconic Wolf School Gear. As players delve into Geralt of Rivia’s adventures, the pursuit of upgrading and acquiring all Wolf School diagrams becomes a significant aspect of gameplay. This comprehensive guide aims to detail the locations and steps required to find every piece of Wolf School Gear across The Witcher 3’s expansive landscape.

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Overview of Wolf School Gear:

Before delving into the specifics, let’s provide an overview of the Wolf School Gear and its tiers:

1. Basic Tier: The starting point for Wolf School Gear, offering foundational equipment for Geralt’s adventures.
2. Enhanced Tier: Enhances the basic gear with improved stats and bonuses, providing a noticeable upgrade.
3. Superior Tier: Represents a significant upgrade in terms of stats and bonuses, offering enhanced capabilities in combat.
4. Mastercrafted Tier: The pinnacle of craftsmanship, providing top-tier stats and bonuses for Geralt’s arsenal.
5. Grandmaster Tier (Blood & Wine DLC): Introduces the Grandmaster Gear with even more powerful attributes, available in the Blood & Wine expansion.

With this understanding, let’s embark on the journey to locate and acquire each tier of Wolf School Gear diagrams.

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Basic Tier:

Silver Sword:

Begin your quest at Kaer Morhen, Geralt’s childhood training grounds. Near the Ruined Watchtower, you’ll find a corpse clutching the instructions for crafting the Wolf School silver sword.

Steel Sword:

Adjacent to Kaer Morhen is the Bastion, a site where Geralt and fellow Witchers trained. Within the wraith-guarded ruins, locate the buried diagram near a staircase.

Armor, Gauntlets, Trousers, and Boots:

Explore the ruins beneath the Kaer Morhen marker to discover the diagrams for the basic set. Inside, ascend a ladder to find a chest containing notes guiding you to the armor diagrams. Exit the ruins and climb scaffolding to a crystal, which unlocks a nearby portal. Activate the portal using Aard to access the armor, gauntlets, trousers, and boots diagrams.

Enhanced Tier:

Enhanced Boots:

Journey to Benek’s Grotto in Velen, an underground area where you’ll find the diagram near a gas-covered pool of water.

Enhanced Silver Sword:

Visit the armorer in Crow’s Perch and explore the Baron’s garden nearby. Descend into a well to find the diagram by the water.

Enhanced Armor:

Cross the lake from Fyke Isle to ruins on a small island. Dive underwater to locate a chest near a brick wall, containing the enhanced armor diagram.

Enhanced Steel Sword:

Return to the Ruined Watchtower in Kaer Morhen, climb scaffolding, and loot the chest for the enhanced steel sword diagram.

Enhanced Trousers:

Head to the Lakeside Hut in Kaer Morhen and find the submerged chest near the island’s shore, containing the enhanced trousers diagram.

Enhanced Gauntlets:

Explore a cave south of Kaer Morhen, follow the path to a ledge, and locate the chest with the enhanced gauntlets diagram.

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Superior Tier:

Superior Armor:

Travel to Skellige Isles near the Fyresdal marker, where a monster nest housing harpies awaits. Find the chest against a watchtower on the walkway surrounding an abandoned fort.

Superior Silver Sword:

Delve beneath Arinbjorn in Skellige to find a trio of underground tombs. Within one tomb, discover a small chest tucked away in a corner.

Superior Steel Sword:

In Lofoten village’s west side, locate an abandoned tower overlooking the island’s edge. Descend into a cavity, ignite gas with Igni, and collect the diagram from the chest.

Superior Trousers:

Enter a cave above the Bastion marker in Kaer Morhen, bypass traps, and collect the diagram from a trapped chest.

Superior Gauntlets:

Outside Kaer Morhen, find the Iron Mine and navigate to the loot behind a stone structure, containing the superior gauntlets diagram.

Superior Boots:

Explore a cave across the river from Kaer Morhen, defeat Endregas, and clear rocks to access the final superior gear diagram.

Mastercrafted Tier:

Mastercrafted Steel Sword:

In Velen near the Byways marker, find a sunken ship beyond the shoreline. Dive below to discover the chest behind a staircase.

Mastercrafted Armor:

Southeast of the Byways marker, locate a staircase monitored by statues. Behind the monument, discover a small box with the mastercrafted armor diagram.

Mastercrafted Silver Sword:

Near the House of Respite, infiltrate a bandit-defended fort to find a key on an enemy. Use the key to unlock doors and access the chest with the silver sword diagram.

Mastercrafted Trousers:

In Skellige near Svorlag village, climb a wall beneath a large tree to find the trousers diagram.

Mastercrafted Gauntlets:

Above Boxholm in Skellige, find a ruined structure guarded by a winged beast. Locate the chest underneath the tower wall for the gauntlets diagram.

Mastercrafted Boots:

Behind the tower near the Dorve Ruins in Skellige, collect the final mastercrafted gear diagram.

Grandmaster Tier (Blood & Wine DLC):

Grandmaster Armor, Trousers, Steel Sword, and Boots:

Access the Blood & Wine DLC and travel to Toussaint. Near the Termes Palace Ruins, locate a cave next to a Place of Power. Collect a ruby to unlock a barrier and face enemies guarding a satchel with armor diagrams. Proceed through doors to find bones with remaining grandmaster gear diagrams. Visit the Grandmaster Smith near The Gran’place to craft the gear.

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Legendary Variants:

For legendary variants, engage in New Game Plus to rediscover the diagrams in their original locations.


Acquiring all Wolf School Gear diagrams in The Witcher 3 requires thorough exploration and determination. By following this comprehensive guide, players can efficiently locate and craft each tier of gear, enhancing Geralt’s capabilities and immersing themselves in the rich world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to finding all Wolf School diagrams in The Witcher 3:

1. What is Wolf School Gear in The Witcher 3?

Wolf School Gear is a set of equipment, including swords, armor, gauntlets, trousers, and boots, that players can acquire and craft in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is known for its distinctive design and powerful attributes, making it a sought-after choice for many players.

2. How many pieces of Wolf School Gear are there, and what are their tiers

There are 22 pieces of Wolf School Gear in total, spread across different tiers: Basic, Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster (from the Blood & Wine DLC). Each tier offers progressively better stats and bonuses for Geralt’s equipment.

3. Where can I find the diagrams for Wolf School Gear?

The diagrams for Wolf School Gear can be found in various locations throughout The Witcher 3’s world. They are often hidden in caves, ruins, or guarded areas. Refer to the detailed guide for specific locations of each diagram.

4. Do I need any expansions or DLCs to access certain tiers of Wolf School Gear?

Yes, the Grandmaster tier of Wolf School Gear requires access to the Blood & Wine DLC, which is included in The Witcher 3’s expansion pass. Without this DLC, players won’t be able to craft the Grandmaster-level gear.

5. Can I acquire legendary variants of Wolf School Gear?

Yes, players can obtain legendary variants of Wolf School Gear by engaging in New Game Plus mode. In this mode, the diagrams for legendary gear are located where the original ones were found, allowing players to experience upgraded versions of the equipment.

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6. Is it necessary to collect all Wolf School Gear diagrams for gameplay progression?

Collecting all Wolf School Gear diagrams is not mandatory for completing the main story of The Witcher 3. However, it offers significant benefits in terms of combat prowess and customization options for Geralt, making it a worthwhile pursuit for completionists and players seeking powerful equipment.

7. Are there any prerequisites or level requirements for crafting Wolf School Gear?

Yes, each tier of Wolf School Gear has a level requirement for crafting. Players need to ensure that Geralt meets the minimum level requirement specified for each piece of equipment before attempting to craft it.

8. Can I sell or trade Wolf School Gear diagrams with other NPCs in the game?

No, Wolf School Gear diagrams are not tradable or sellable items within the game. They are specific to Geralt’s quest and cannot be exchanged with NPCs or traded for other goods or services.

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