9 Beginner Tips for Zenless Zone Zero

Discover 9 essential beginner tips for mastering Zenless Zone Zero in New Eridu.

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9 Beginner’s Tips for Starting Zenless Zone Zero

Some advice for players taking their first step into New Eridu

Zenless Zone Zero is Hoyoverse’s latest installment in their line of mobile RPGs. While the aesthetic diverges notably from its other games, the systems and mechanics will be pretty familiar. Whether you’re an expert coming over from Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact, or Honkai: Star Rail, or a newbie who wants to try out their first gacha mobile game, here are some things to know before diving into ZZZ.

1. Yes, ZZZ is a Gacha Game

Zenless Zone Zero is indeed a gacha game. This means that to unlock new powerful characters and weapons, you’ll need to spend hard-earned or purchased premium currency for a chance to get your desired character. Like other Hoyoverse games, the free, lower-rarity characters are good enough to clear the story, and you’ll gradually amass an army of higher-rarity characters as you play. Just don’t expect to get every character.

Gacha games are essentially games of chance where players can obtain characters, weapons, and other items through randomized pulls. In ZZZ, you collect these items by spending a specific type of in-game currency. The anticipation of potentially unlocking a rare, powerful character or weapon adds a thrill to the gameplay. However, it’s essential to approach gacha games with a balanced mindset to avoid overspending.

Zenless Zone Zero uses a premium currency called Polychrome for these pulls. You earn Polychrome through various in-game activities or by purchasing it with real money. As you progress, you’ll find that the game’s economy is designed to keep you engaged, offering multiple opportunities to earn or purchase more Polychrome.

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2. ZZZ Follows a Familiar Gameplay Loop

The story, combat, and puzzles in Zenless Zone Zero are different from the other games, but the daily gameplay loop is similar to other mobile character-building RPGs. You collect characters (agents) and weapons (W-engines) via the gacha system. You’ll need to use stamina (battery charge) to farm materials to power up these characters. Eventually, you’ll collect sub-equips for each character (drive discs), which have unique passive abilities and gain randomized stats. Though there are unique minigames and modes, the core daily activities will feel familiar.

In ZZZ, you will spend a lot of time managing your team of agents. Each agent has a distinct set of skills and attributes that can be enhanced by leveling up and equipping better weapons and items. The game’s loop involves daily tasks, known as dailies, which reward you with various resources necessary for character progression.

Farming for materials is a critical part of the game. This involves repeatedly playing certain levels or activities to collect the items needed for upgrading your agents. Although this might sound repetitive, Hoyoverse ensures that the game remains engaging by introducing varied challenges and rewards.

3. Don’t Forget About the Noodle House and Coffee Shop

You can get buffs from the coffee shop and noodle house in exchange for money. Additionally, ordering a cup of coffee will let you replenish 60 battery charge per day, giving you more free materials to farm.

The Noodle House and Coffee Shop are unique features that add depth to ZZZ’s gameplay. These establishments provide temporary boosts to your characters’ stats, which can be crucial during challenging missions. The coffee shop’s ability to replenish your battery charge is particularly valuable as it allows you to continue playing without waiting for your stamina to recharge over time.

In ZZZ, money is not just for purchasing items; it’s also used for these buffs. Managing your resources efficiently by balancing upgrades, gacha pulls, and these temporary boosts can give you an edge in the game. Make it a habit to visit these places daily to maximize your in-game efficiency.

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4. Use Your Battery Charge (Stamina) Immediately

After starting the story, you’ll unlock the HIA Club, where you can farm materials for your characters. Start doing this immediately to use your battery charge (stamina) efficiently. Since battery charge caps at 240, any excess gets wasted. Completing these levels also rewards you with EXP to increase your Inter-Knot level (your account level), which you’ll need to progress through the game.

Battery charge, or stamina, is a common mechanic in many mobile games. It limits the number of activities you can perform in a given period, encouraging players to log in multiple times a day. In ZZZ, your battery charge replenishes over time, but it’s crucial to use it wisely to avoid wasting it.

The HIA Club is one of the first places you’ll want to focus on. It offers various challenges and levels designed to help you gather the materials needed for your agents. These activities not only use up your stamina efficiently but also contribute to your overall progression by increasing your Inter-Knot level.

5. Test Your Agents Before Committing to Building Them

The VR device in front of the Hollow Deep Dive System lets you learn how to use different agents in the Agent Academy. Test out various characters not just for rewards but to find the ones whose kits you like best. Early on, resources are limited, so focus on building characters you enjoy playing.

Testing characters is a valuable feature in ZZZ. It allows you to try out different agents without investing resources prematurely. Each agent has a unique set of abilities, and understanding how they perform in combat can help you make informed decisions about who to invest in.

The Agent Academy provides a controlled environment where you can experiment with different characters and learn their strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly useful early in the game when resources are scarce. By testing agents, you can prioritize building those you enjoy playing and who fit well with your preferred playstyle.

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6. Turn Off Trial Mode If You Prefer Using Your Characters

Zenless Zone Zero will sometimes require you to play as specific story-relevant characters, but you can toggle this off in the bottom-left corner of the character select screen if you prefer using your own characters.

Trial Mode can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it allows you to experience new characters and their unique abilities, which can be exciting. On the other hand, it might disrupt your team’s synergy if you prefer using your established characters. Thankfully, ZZZ provides the option to toggle this mode off.

If you find that Trial Mode disrupts your gameplay, turning it off lets you maintain control over your team composition. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your gameplay experience to your liking, whether you prefer experimenting with new characters or sticking to your trusted agents.

7. Don’t Use Your Polychrome on the Standard Banner

Polychrome is the premium currency used in the gacha system. You’ll accumulate a lot of Master Tape, which you can use on the standard gacha banner. This banner rarely changes and typically keeps the same S-rank agents and W-engines. Instead, use Polychrome to buy Encrypted Master Tape for event banners, which feature limited-time characters and items. This strategy helps maximize your chances of obtaining unique characters.

The gacha system in ZZZ offers multiple types of banners: the standard banner and event banners. The standard banner contains a fixed pool of characters and weapons, while event banners feature limited-time items that rotate periodically.

Experienced players often advise saving premium currency for event banners. This is because event banners offer a chance to obtain unique, time-limited characters and weapons that might not be available again for a long time. By prioritizing event banners, you can maximize the value of your Polychrome and enhance your roster with rare and powerful agents.

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8. Get Used to Dodging and Countering

Early enemies will be easy, and button mashing may seem sufficient. However, as you progress, enemies get tougher, and you’ll need to dodge and counter attacks effectively. Form good habits early by practicing dodging and countering, even if it feels unnecessary at first.

Combat in ZZZ is dynamic and requires more than just button mashing. Dodging and countering are essential skills that become increasingly important as you face tougher enemies. Early levels might not require much strategy, but developing good habits from the start will prepare you for more challenging battles.

Dodging allows you to avoid damage, while countering can turn the tide of battle by disrupting enemy attacks and creating openings for your own. Practicing these mechanics early ensures that you’ll be ready for the more complex encounters that await as you progress through the game.

9. Time of Day Affects Quests, But Don’t Stress About It

Some side quests are only available at certain times of the day. However, there’s no penalty for taking extra days. You can rest on the sofa to pass the time and access quests as needed, so don’t worry too much about min-maxing your day.

The day-night cycle in ZZZ adds an extra layer of immersion and strategy. Certain quests and activities are only available at specific times, encouraging you to plan your actions accordingly. However, there’s no need to stress about optimizing every minute.

The game is designed to be flexible, allowing you to pass the time by resting on the sofa. This means you can access time-specific quests without feeling rushed. Enjoy the game at your own pace and focus on having fun rather than meticulously planning every action.


What is Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero is a mobile RPG developed by Hoyoverse, known for games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. It features gacha mechanics for collecting characters and weapons.

How does the gacha system work in Zenless Zone Zero?

The gacha system allows players to spend in-game or premium currency to obtain characters (agents) and weapons (W-engines). Characters and weapons come in different rarities, with higher-rarity items generally being more powerful.

What is battery charge (stamina) used for?

Battery charge, or stamina, is used to farm materials needed to power up characters. It caps at 240, so it’s important to use it regularly to avoid wasting it.

How can I test characters before investing resources?

Use the VR device in the Agent Academy to try out different agents. This helps you decide which characters you enjoy playing before committing resources to build them.

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Should I use Polychrome on the standard gacha banner?

No, it’s better to save Polychrome for event banners, which feature limited-time characters and items. Use Master Tape for the standard banner instead.

What happens if I run out of battery charge?

You can replenish battery charge by ordering coffee from the coffee shop, which gives you 60 battery charge per day.

How important is dodging and countering in combat?

Dodging and countering become crucial as enemies get tougher. Practicing these mechanics early on helps you prepare for more challenging battles.

Does the time of day affect gameplay?

Yes, some side quests are time-specific, but there’s no penalty for taking extra days. You can rest on the sofa to pass the time and access quests as needed.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to start your journey in Zenless Zone Zero. Enjoy exploring New Eridu and discovering all the unique aspects of Hoyoverse’s latest mobile RPG!

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